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Apowersoft Phone Manager for Windows

A convenient, visual way to organize your phone

Apowersoft Phone Manager is a good looking and intuitive phone management app. It allows you to easily sync data from your phone or tablet to a PC (and vice versa) in a familiar, visually-focused way.

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  • A nice visual focused way to organize your device
  • Lots of well-organized options
  • Useful tools


  • Tricky to set up
  • Syncing lots of data does take time


Apowersoft Phone Manager is a good looking and intuitive phone management app. It allows you to easily sync data from your phone or tablet to a PC (and vice versa) in a familiar, visually-focused way.

Getting over the hump

In truth, most of Apowersoft Phone Manager’s functions can be performed either through File Manager (on Android) or iTunes (on iOS). However, for less experienced users, this visual management tool provides a more attractive and user friendly window into your phone’s brain (particularly on Android).

Apowersoft Phone Manager biggest stumbling block is its setup process. Once installed, you must sync the program with any devices you want to use with either over USB or Wi-Fi. While it is all well described, I repeatedly found myself struggling with various devices. This could be an issue with our test machine, but we had to exhaustively crawl through all the syncing options before any of them worked (particularly on iOS). Not a problem for more tech savvy users, but the less experienced (who I suspect would probably get the most out of this) may find it a struggle.

Even once synced for the first time, reconnecting is a more stressful experience than I would have hoped, with the need to once again verify various settings and options - not quite the plug-and-play experience that my mother and father would hope for from such a tool.

An visual alternative

Once it is set up and synced, however, Apowersoft Phone Manger provides a great user experience for the less technology literate. Featuring a header bar filled, with easily recognizable quick-select icons, and a sidebar that allows you see to more granular options/folders.

The top level options let you easily access your device’s folders, different media, and functions. These tabs include My Phone, Music, Pictures, Videos, Notes, Contacts, Messages, Apps, Books, Files, and Tools. These all provide you with the ability to sync data in either direction. It even allows you to send messages from your computer as though it was from your phone.

This makes the process of uploading movies you want to watch on the move or downloading selfies to your computer far easier – a function that will be especially useful for photo-fanatics who are not inclined to sync through cloud services due to privacy concerns or a poor Wi-Fi connection. Though larger files can be slow to sync, it still proves far faster than the wireless alternative on most connections.

A back-up and restore option is also available, allowing you to create a time capsule of your phone to be resurrected if you ever have a problem. This is perhaps the biggest advantage for Android users who like to change various setting, allowing them to “play” freely safe in the knowledge that they have a back-up saved.


Though I had problems syncing my phone with Apowersoft Phone Manager, that should not put you off trying it out. This is especially true if you are an Android user tired of trying to find files hidden within its folders as, once you have it running, it is an attractive and simple program that will allow you to easily organize your device.

Free manage, transfer, backup, and restore all mobile data from computer.

Apowersoft Phone Manager is an ideal freeware, which can synchronize your mobile device to PC to manage all the phone data including music, videos, messages, notes, photos, apps, eBooks, contacts and more. In addition to the data management, the tool makes it extremely easy for users to transfer content between your PC and mobile device without losing data. Also, it provides a solution to backup all your mobile data to PC. In case that your device is lost, severely damaged or stolen, you are able to fully recover the backup data to your mobile phone. You will always keep the important data safe on your local database.

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Apowersoft Phone Manager


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